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General Synod – Tuesday morning press reports

updated Tuesday at noon and in the afternoon

Andrew Brown in The Guardian General Synod: the perfect forum for Anglicans who want to avoid decisions

Riazat Butt in The Guardian Church of England has ‘no plan B’ on female bishops

The Australian Anglican male co-bishop talk rubbished

Christian Today Call to Church of England to defend traditional marriage

Steve Doughty in the Mail Online Legalising assisted dying would be a disaster that undermines sanctity of life, Archbishop warns


Peter Mullen wrote this comment article for the Telegraph: Let us pray for those against women bishops.

John Bingham in The Telegraph Archbishop Rowan Williams: assisted suicide could spell ‘disaster’

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12 years ago

I am getting SO tired of this Orwellian “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery” SPIN:

ChristianToday, “Defend Traditional Marriage”: translation “Prevent (by force of law) same-sex couples from marrying”

Peter Mullen, “Trotskyite Militant Tendency, Unchurching Traditional Anglicans”: translation, “Allow the Holy Spirit to work through the SAME discernment process for bishops, regardless of the sex of the candidate”

Are they so afraid their arguments will hold little-or-no moral suasion, that hysterical spin must be inserted instead?

11 years ago

With any religious text it is prdneut to look at the context of in which something is written. There are many people who use the Bible to promote their own agendas. There are churches that try to treat everyone equally, but a church is a collection of individuals, and as such there will always be people that rub you the wrong way, don’t promote the church views, etc. People will always be people. There are Churches that while not perfect, do promote equality. There is a difference between religion and church, although in Catholicism they seem to be synonymous. There… Read more »

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