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Women bishops: some media reports and blog reactions

Gavin Drake has this news report today for the Church Times House of Bishops amends women bishops Measure.

And there is this Church Times Leader: Looking forward to the women-bishops vote

…Concerning the Bishops’ amendments, we question whether making the obvious distinction between “permission” to ordain and the “power” to do so will reassure traditionalists. Also, the phrase about ensuring that the exercise of ministry of a priest or bishop is “consistent” with the views of the PCC sounds faintly alarming; but this is restricted to views on women’s ordination. It is not a general test of faith; nor is anything here particularly sur­prising or novel. Altogether, the authority of the diocesan bishop is untouched, but traditionalists are given a little more reas­surance. These amendments should be welcomed as a sign that the House of Bishops wishes to respect the views of both sides.

Pete Broadbent wrote Women Bishops – what the House of Bishops amendments mean.

…The House rejected amendments to ensconce Mission Societies in the Measure. It also rejected changes that would have removed delegation from the Measure.

Two amendments were passed…

Unshaun Sheep provided The Sheep Unpicks The Worst Press Release Ever.

Alan Wilson has written twice so far about the week’s developments:

Swimmin with the Wimmin part 94

Cooking the Curate’s Egg

Andrew Brown has also written twice:

The female priests issue threatens to envenom parish politics

A suicide note for the Church of England over female priests

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes has written Pick Your Own Bishop

David Keen has this useful roundup: House of Bishops statement – links roundup and thoughts

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12 years ago

See also Church Mouse, who has briefly returned from hibernation to offer his own explanation of what’s going on:

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

Whenever Mouse speaks on this, I must confess, I smell a rodent.

The Church Mouse
12 years ago


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