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Women Bishops – more news and comment

The Artsy Honker on her blog: A Provisional Note

Jeremy Fletcher on his blog: General Synod – What’s a chap to do?

Benny Hazlehurst on his blog: Trouble at the Top…

Richard Coles in The Independent: A typically Anglican compromise on women bishops

Avril Ormsby for Reuters: Church of England vote on women bishops could be derailed

Jerome Taylor in The Independent: Can the Church finally embrace women bishops?

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Father Ron Smith
11 years ago

“I hope that, in whatever form we discuss it on Friday this week and Monday next week we can let the Bishops know that we need Women Bishops now, that those who cannot accept their ministry (or of those men who ordain or who have been ordained by women) should be treated with grace, and that the ministry of all Bishops is to be seen as equally valid and honoured.” – Jeremy Fletcher’s blog – ‘That the ministry of ALL bishops should be seen as equally valid and honoured’ – will never happen while a minority in the Church insists… Read more »

Father David
Father David
11 years ago

Father Ron, when taking the Church Universal into consideration – which ecumenically Our Blessed Lord, urges us so to do, then those who approve of the innovation ARE the “minority”

Alastair Newman
11 years ago

Well, it would be very interesting to know exactly what proportion of the Church Universal believed in any number of things – the ordination of women, the sinfulness of homosexuality, the Chalcedonian settlement, the “filioque”, the sacrifice of the Mass, the five solas, the separation of church and state, secession (or not) of the spiritual gifts. I don’t think there is an accurate picture of what the Church Universal believes about all of these things…

Rosemary Hannah
Rosemary Hannah
11 years ago

UM I’m not at all sure the holy Spirit proceeds by a head-count.

11 years ago

Re the Holy Spirit and head-counts, I resort to St Winston (;-/) : “Democracy is the worst form of governance, except for all the others.”

THAT said, this “worst/except” is ACTUAL democracy (where representation comes via the ballot). It’s NOT “there’s more of [Group X] who believe [Doctrine Y].” Any argument about OOW which is predicated on the numerical superiority of Roman Catholics is *automatic FAIL* in my book [As is the “majority of one”, where that one is said to be “Peter”! St Peter of Galilee, God bless him, has been dead&gone over 1900 years…]

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