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Women Bishops – Friday morning press reports

Madeleine Davies in the Church Times Bishops to meet amid fevered pre-Synod lobbying

Lizzy Davies in The Guardian Fears Church of England vote on women bishops has begun to unravel

Robert Pigott for the BBC Women bishops: Vote could change Church forever
The BBC also has Q&A: Women bishops vote and Church of England meeting ahead of women bishops vote.


  • Davis Mac-Iyalla says:

    “and the Church would never be the same again” that is only on papers, the ordinary members of the church has open the door to inclusion and equality long time ago. The selfish conservatives are the main reason why the church is declining in membership.

  • Bill Moorhead says:

    What galaxy does Robert Pigott live in? (For that matter, what galaxy does the Church of England exist in?) “By the end of 2013, or some time in 2014, it’s likely that the first woman bishop could be selected and ordained, and the Church would never be the same again.” Well, actually, within the Anglican Communion we’ve had women bishops for over thirty years, and although most of us think that has been a Good Thing, it’s hardly the case that “we will never be the same again.” (Would that were true, actually!) The narcissism of the Church of England is appalling. Get over yourselves, brothers! (The sisters on the whole are not the problem!) If “Anglicanism” is to be defined by the Church of _England_ (as technically I suppose it should be), then perhaps “Anglicanism” is a waste of our time, and of God’s.

    I’m glad the BBC will be posting the Proms on the internet again this summer. At least they got something right. Appointing religious affairs correspondents wasn’t it.

  • Martin Reynolds says:

    What galaxy does Robert Pigott live in?

    Good question.

    Answers please to:
    Religious Affairs
    New Broadcasting House, Oxford Road, Manchester, M60 1SJ

  • abbey mouse says:

    Pigott on women priests: ‘there’s little dispute that they have proved their worth’.

    The jury is still out, however, on the men.

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