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Religion or belief, equality and human rights

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published a research report on Religion or belief, equality and human rights in England and Wales (PDF).

There have been some articles discussing this research:

Alice Donald, the author of the report wrote at UK Human Rights Blog Equality, human rights and religion or belief: time to get out of the courtroom?

Frank Cranmer wrote at Law and Religion UK EHRC research report on religion or belief in the workplace.


  • Rod Gillis says:

    Thanks so much for the link to “Religion or belief, equality and human rights in England and
    Wales.” This looks like a very helpful first rate piece of work–although its going to take time to wade through it. The section (p.72 ff) on “competing rights” looks extremely interesting.

  • Rod Gillis says:

    Been wading through the “Equality and Human Rights Commission Report”.(PDF) Its a very substantial piece of work. While much of the specifics are directed toward a EU/UK context, the broad issues and principles are applicable Canada and the U.S.

    I recommend it to North Americans interested in human rights and religious liberty both within the church and within the wider society.

    Certainly some of the issues are helpful in navigating the public issues on diversity, religion, rights, including balancing rights, for example, those that surfaced here in the just ended election in Quebec, and are of relevance I think with regard to some issues in the U.S. election campaign as well.

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