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Archbishop of Canterbury: more on Justin Welby

The official announcement of the new Archbishop of Canterbury is not expected until later this morning. But that hasn’t stopped a deluge of media articles about Justin Welby, the Bishop of Durham. We published a few earlier; here are more.

Ekklesia Welby expected to be announced as new Archbishop of Canterbury

Lizzy Davies Justin Welby to be next archbishop of Canterbury
Stephen Bates Justin Welby: a real world archbishop of Canterbury
Andrew Brown Justin Welby went to Eton – of course he understands misery
editorial Justin Welby: a pragmatic priest in turbulent times

John Bingham New Archbishop of Canterbury: Justin Welby, the meteoric rise of an ‘astonished’ former oil trader
Fraser Nelson Justin Welby : The worldly capitalist looking to spread the Word of the Lord
New Archbishop of Canterbury: Justin Welby, the oil executive who heard God calling
Peter Mullen A new Archbishop but no change at Canterbury: Justin Welby is just another Left-wing establishment bureaucrat
Damian Thompson ‘HTB’ lands its first Archbishop of Canterbury
John Bingham Archbishop of Canterbury: Claims of ‘insider dealing’ after run of bets on Justin Welby

Cahal Milmo Profile: Justin Welby, the Bishop of Durham
Cahal Milmo Priority one for the next Archbishop of Canterbury: Get the books in holy order
George Pitcher Brace position, Mr Cameron. Justin Welby, the next Archbishop, is not the kind of Etonian you’re used to

Northern Echo Mark Tallentire Who is Justin Welby?

Mick Ord Profile: Anglican Bishop of Durham Justin Welby
Robert Pigott Analysis: new Archbishop’s challenge
Viewpoints: What should new archbishop’s priorities be?
Why Justin Welby left the oil industry for a life in the Church
Justin Welby: Profile of the man set to be Archbishop of Canterbury

Financial Times Brooke Masters Welby’s financial knowledge welcomed

ITV Challenging times ahead as New Archbishop prepares to take leadership

Mail Online Stephen Glover Praise be! A man of steel and principle who could (with God’s help) rescue our bickering Church

Liverpool Echo Paddy Shennan New Archbishop of Canterbury in waiting Justin Welby says he learned so much in Liverpool

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