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Archbishop of Canterbury: even more reactions

More reactions since our article on Friday.

News items

Observer Peter Stanford The evangelical HQ that claims the new primate as one of its own
[originally published under the headline “New archbishop started his journey to Lambeth Palace at a radical church”]

Telegraph Charles Moore Justin Welby is the Alpha male to save the Church of England
Cole Moreton Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘You have no future in the Church’

BBC John McManus Justin Welby: Those who bet on me should donate winnings
Welby calls for winnings to be donated to church
Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby: World reaction

Huffington Post Jaweed Kaleem Justin Welby, New Archbishop Of Canterbury, Watched By Pro-Gay Rights Episcopalians As Church Tensions Continue

The Diocese of Durham has published a video of Bishop Justin’s Message To The Diocese.

Living Church John Martin +Welby’s Self-effacing Debut

Episcopal News Service Matthew Davies Hopes and gratitude for incoming, outgoing archbishops of Canterbury

Independent Joan Smith Our zombie church has a new leader. So what?

AllAfrica Nigeria: Who Will Close the Gulf Between Nigerian, UK Anglican Churches?

Mail Online George Arbuthnott and Adam Luck Revealed: Archbishop blindfolded by rebels with Kalashnikovs on jungle mercy mission


The Dean of Durham has written An Open Letter to the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

Leonard Clark has written Shall we stay or fall away?

Alan Wilson And a (Blindfolded) Child shall lead them?

Krishnan Guru-Murthy An untroublesome priest?

(+)+Welby – post-Protestant evangelical?

Colin Coward of Changing Attitude Justin Welby – is he good news for LGB&T Anglicans?

Andy Walton at Fulcrum Beginning Well: A Reflection on Justin Welby’s first press conference at Lambeth Palace

Reactions to the appointment

Statements on 105th Archbishop of Canterbury from across the Anglican Communion


Church of England Evangelical Council

Church of Uganda

Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans

Anglican Church in North America

Some earlier items

Living Church Justin Welby: A TLC Interview

Justin Welby speaking to the American House of Bishops

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Randal Oulton
Randal Oulton
11 years ago

Interesting to hear the piece refer to him as the Bishop of Canterbury. Completely acccurate, just different to hear, to my ear anyway. The piece is of course riddled with inaccuracies, right from the first sentence (“Ever since the US and UK branches of the Anglican Church agreed to ordain gay Bishops…”) And the language of course is appalling but it would be churlish to criticize the piece on that basis, as English is presumably not the Mother Tongue of the writer. As for this para on him, “He made it clear that he will oppose gay marriage equality.… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
11 years ago

Peter Stanford has outlined the circumstance of +Justin’s Evangelical beginnings with Holy Trinity, Brompton. One thing that can be said for HTB is that it has attracted many young as well as older people into the Church. After all, is that not our corporate mission? One’s spiritual provenance has to begin somewhere. And the Alpha scheme – even though it is certainly not perfect – is at the very least a way of attracting Christian disciples – something the church needs, especially in today’s social environment. If Bishop Justin just happened to get ‘Baptized in the Holy Spirit’ at Brompton,… Read more »

Perry Butler
Perry Butler
11 years ago

The fact that the Observer article by Peter Stanford had a photo in the newspaper of the Ultramontane Brompton Oratory with the heading Holy Trinity Brompton gave me much delight.

Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
11 years ago

Perry it sounds fun ! But I can’t find that picture- can anyone help ?

Father David
Father David
11 years ago

Laurence – try looking on page 34 of Sunday 11th November’s OBSERVER – the article by Peter Stanford (in G)is entitled “The evangelical HQ that claims the new primate as one of its own”. There in addition to a cut-out and keep full length photo of “the new primate” is an inset photo of Brompton Oratory rather than HTB – the shrine church of Saints Sandy and Nicky of Alpha fame.

abbey mouse
abbey mouse
11 years ago

The Dean of Durham’s piece says it very well – as one would expect of that writer.

I hope it serves to show those who read these pages that we need to get behind this man with our faith and prayers as well as with our opinions (which I’m sure are never prejudices).

11 years ago

“[W]e need to get behind this man with our faith and prayers.”

I would be a bit more inclined to pray for the Archbishop of Canterbury if the current incumbent had not tried to threaten and bully other provinces into toeing a conservative theological line.

I will certainly pray that the new Archbishop of Canterbury will leave other provinces alone.

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