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Next Archbishop of Canterbury: yet more news and reactions

The press is still interested in the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

Telegraph John Bingham Blessed are the Rock Badgers as Justin Welby heads for Canterbury
John Bingham Pope welcomes new Archbishop of Canterbury
Katy Brand Justin Welby’s ‘real world’ outlook bodes well for women bishops
Rachel Cooper New Archbishop of Canterbury takes RBS chief Stephen Hester to task
Damian Reece What the banker should have said to the bishop
John Bingham and Daniel Johnson Christians ‘should not be afraid’ to refer to their faith, says new Archbishop

Time Megan Gibson As The Next Archbishop of Canterbury, Can Justin Welby Save The Anglican Communion?

Mail Online Anna Edwards Hats off to you! New Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is already a hit as he swaps headgear with a policeman

Economist Alpha male

There are also more reactions to the appointment.

Colin Coward of Changing Attitude Archbishop-elect Justin Welby has the potential to be very good news

Russian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk congratulates newly appointed Archbishop of Canterbury

Finally, the Guardian has this article by Andy Beckett about Bishop Welby’s old school: Eton: why the old boys’ network still flourishes

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Robert Ellis
Robert Ellis
11 years ago

I am not sure that John Bingham’s story in the Telegraph is correct about the Rock badger. I think the crook is the work of Robert Thompson, “the mouse man” of Kilburn in north Yorkshire. He carves a small mouse on every article and piece of furniture he makes. Happy to be contradicted however.

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