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Same-sex marriage: Scottish government consults on proposals

The Scottish government has today issued this press release Same sex marriage

A consultation on a draft Bill to allow same sex marriage in Scotland has started today.

The plans have received cross party support in the Scottish Parliament.

The consultation seeks views on the detail of the legislation. It covers not only the introduction of same sex marriage but the detail of important protections in relation to religious bodies and celebrants, freedom of speech and education.

The Bill contains a provision making it clear that the introduction of same sex marriage has no impact on existing rights to freedom of speech…

The consultation itself can be found at this page: Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill from where links to all the associated documentation can be found.

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Simon Sarmiento
11 years ago

Kelvin Holdsworth has just blogged on the Scottish Government’s proposals:

Craig Nelson
Craig Nelson
11 years ago

I should just say that I think the Scottish proposals appear well rounded and thought through. I am sure there is much that will carry through into Westminster legislation. I note the proposals publish a draft Bill. Again I think that the balance on the key issues is appropriate and right and will be reflected in the eventual England and Wales Bill, when it eventually arrives (with possible exception re Church in Wales and Church of England).

kennedy fraser
kennedy fraser
11 years ago

While I think it would be good if some of the principles of the Scottish proposals were carried through to Westminster, the legislation is for the Holyrood parliament and reflects the different legal jurisdiction and how the legalities are arranged.

W Frame
W Frame
11 years ago

Re proposed legislation and re Chap 1,1,(2),(a), (1)- might this be overturned on appeal under Human Rights Law? It might be argued that since same sex couples cannot reproduce jointly the original grounds for this law in relation to same sex couples would henceforth be unnecessary?

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