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Church and State III – the European dimension

Frank Cranmer continues his series of articles for Law & Religion UK with Church and State III – the European dimension.

Earlier articles are here and here.

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Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis
11 years ago

Just now reading and inwardly digesting the third excellent and helpful article by Fred Cranmer. The relationship between churches and human rigths is a complex but fertile issue. Those interested in this issue will find the (2001) article by Nordic Catholic Scholar Kari Elisabeth Borresen engaging. ” Religion Confronting Human Rights: The Case of Roman Catholicism”. Since all arguments advanced by Anglicans favoring ordination gender discrimination are borrowed, her analysis is applicable to our outfit. Borrensen outlines the alliance at the U.N. between the Vatican and Islamic states in their campaign against women’s rights.But it’s the detailed sweep of medieval… Read more »

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