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still more comments on the European court decisions

In a guest post at Law & Religion UK Christopher Luff has written Eweida et al v United Kingdom: some thoughts on the wider ramifications.

And in a guest post at the ECHR Blog Paul Johnson has written Eweida and Others Judgment Part I – The Sexual Orientation Cases.

Erica Howard has written at EJIL TALK! The European Court of Human Rights Gets It Right: A Comment on Eweida and Others v the United Kingdom.

As a follow-up to the radio discussion of the role of the Christian Legal Centre yesterday, readers may find its briefing paper of interest.

Other views have been expressed by Cranmer in Victory for religious symbols; defeat for the religious conscience, and by European Dignity Watch in ECHR: “Obsessive political correctness” trumps freedom of conscience.

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Father Ron Smith
11 years ago

The European Court has made its ruling. What else is there to be discussed?

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
11 years ago

Well in these cases, Fr Ron, quite a lot. The law here has been developing over the past decades as one of the articles above helps us to understand. The idea of states being given some wide margin in how they deal with these matters was (and remains) a legal cloak to hide the ill treatment of gay people and while many faith groups promoted/encouraged/demanded this state sponsored discrimination and applauded the fact that the Convention stood aside, we do not want to see faith groups now falling victims to this legal fudge. The judgment in the Eweida case is… Read more »

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