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Some Initial Comments on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill

The Government Equalities Office has published a range of supplementary materials here: these include a FactSheet, a Mythbuster and a Short Guide.

Frank Cranmer at Law & Religion UK has published a very helpful summary of the bill in Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill: the published text.

Adam Wagner at the UK Human Rights Blog has written Equal marriage on the way as Bill published.

The Roman Catholic Bishops of England and Wales have issued this statement opposing the bill.

Maria Miller, the Secretary of State responsible for the bill, appeared on the BBC Radio 4 programme Today on Friday morning, and the full interview is available here: Maria Miller: Churches ‘free to choose’ on gay marriage.

Colin Coward has commented at Changing Attitude on the CofE’s official statement in Church of England’s attitude to civil partnerships and same-sex marriage.

Ed Thornton reported for the Church Times that Stevens holds line as Government publishes same-sex marriage Bill.

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Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
11 years ago

Strange, that the Church Times does not give any reaction from a gay Christian or any organisation that represents them. Not even a remark from the bishop of Salisbury …… One does wonder about that newspaper ………..

The Roman Catholic Church, of course, make no reference to gay people at all ……….. They really are lost, aren’t they ……?

11 years ago

“Marriage is and always has been the union of one man and one woman”

What does it gain the RCC in the UK to perpetuate this falsehood? Whatever assumptions they make about their own flock, do they seriously think that those from the reformed churches haven’t read their Bibles? Abraham, Jacob…Solomon? (“one woman”, yeah right!)

Father Ron Smith
11 years ago

The ‘Myth-Buster’ article from the Government Equalities Office needs to be read, marked and inwardly digested, if one is to understand the facile nature of some opposition to the proposed Same-Sex Marriage legislation. Fear for the future of the Sacrament of Marriage has been over-stated, and needs to be extinguished.

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