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Justin Welby interview

Justin Welby and his wife were interviewed at the Trent Vineyard Church in Nottingham on Sunday. The church website has this description

John Mumford talks to Archbishop of Canterbury Elect, Justin Welby, and his wife Caroline. They discuss their faith, the ‘journey to Canterbury’, and their hope for the Church.

and there are links to audio and video of the hour-long interview here.

Ed Thornton reports on the interview for the Church Times as Welby told CNC: ‘appointing me would be absurd’.

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Father Ron Smith
11 years ago

Just another instance of the endemic humility of the man. Bless him, may he help the Church of England to come into the 21st century in league with her more liberal counterparts in the Anglican Communion

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
11 years ago

Yes, I am sure his humility led him to tell this.

But, he will, I am afraid, find that such honesty will give hostage to fortune.

I can already see quotes, from the usual subjects, in a year (maybe less!) giving unqualified support to his view that the appointment was absurd.

June Butler
11 years ago

Since I am hearing-impaired, and I found the sound quality of the video and audio very poor, I did not listen to or watch the entire interview. I’d like to know if there is a link to a transcript.

11 years ago

June, I have made enquiry of Trent Vineyard and will report the result.

June Butler
11 years ago

RPNewark, thank you.

Lionel Deimel
11 years ago

I can no longer find the interview. Has it disappeared from the Web?

Simon Sarmiento
11 years ago

It’s still there, Lionel, at the moment it is the top item in the middle column….

Jonathan Whiteland
11 years ago

You’re not going mad, Lionel: for a time last night it was going straight form Parables 1 to Parables 2: I know, was seeking it out for my mother.

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