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TfL bus advertisement ban was lawful, but…


Judgment has been given in the case of Core Issues Trust v Transport for London and you can find the full text either here, or as a PDF over here.

Frank Cranmer has published an analysis at Law & Religion UK: ‘Ex-gay’ London bus advert ban procedurally flawed – but still lawful which concludes with this:

Comment TfL won – but not without the merest soupçon of egg over corporate face. As we have seen, Lang J’s view was that, if the proposed advertisement by the Core Issues Trust was “likely to cause widespread or serious offence”, so were those by the British Humanist Association and Stonewall which TfL had already displayed on its buses. What saved TfL in the present circumstances was that to have displayed the proposed advertisement would have been breached its statutory equality duty under s 149 Equality Act 2010.

Which raises the question, did the display of the BHA and Stonewall advertisements also breach TfL’s statutory equality duty? But we shan’t know the answer because that, of course, was not in play for adjudication.

Alasdair Henderson writes at UK Human Rights Blog Ban on ‘ex-gay, post-gay and proud’ bus advert criticised but lawful

I will add links to other legal blogs that comment on this case, as they appear.

I have seen no comment from TfL, but there are responses from Core Issues Trust and its supporters:

Statement on behalf of Core Issues Trust (PDF)

Christian Concern issued this press release: High Court Rules That Humanist, Stonewall and ‘Ex-Gay’ Bus Adverts should all have been banned.

Although Anglican Mainstream was a co-sponsor of the proposed advertising (its URL was part of the advertising copy), it took no part at all in the legal action. However, there are numerous links to media coverage on its website, here, here, here, and here (so far, no doubt more will follow).

There are also press releases from the British Humanist Association, and from Stonewall.

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Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
11 years ago

What a wicked waste of money the anti-gay Campaign represents.

Ignoring the message of Jesus to give and give and give to poor people.

Yes, this is ideological – rather than godly.

ALSO, I have no desire to be assaulted by such posters when going about my life within sight of, or boarding a bus.

Do you ?

Simon Sarmiento
11 years ago

Nick Spencer, Research Director at Theos, has commented on this judgment, see

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