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proposed new diocese for West Yorkshire

We last reported on this in March when the synods of the three dioceses most affected voted on the proposals, with two in favour and one opposed.

The final vote was on Saturday when Blackburn diocesan synod voted in favour. The diocesan website has this report.

Blackburn Diocese has voted to accept the recommendations of the Dioceses Commission in relation to the proposed creation of a new Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales.

The vote means that a cluster of parishes currently sitting in Bradford Diocese may now move within the borders of Blackburn Diocese. The decision is part of ongoing work to create a new combined Diocese via the dissolution of the Dioceses of Bradford, Ripon and Leeds…

Now all the votes are complete, and as consent has not been given by one of the dioceses directly affected, the next step is for the Archbishop of York to decide whether to allow the scheme to go forward for debate at General Synod meeting (possibly in July).

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Edward Prebble
Edward Prebble
11 years ago

Again, the lack of comments demonstrates that this matter is uncontroversial to TA readers. I am interested, but completely uninformed, from my perspective in the antipodes. I wonder if anyone rather closer to these events can provide some elucidation. In March, Tim Moore asked the question: Why has Wakefield voted against? No one seemed able or willing to provide an explanation. Presumably there are strong local considerations behind two dioceses (three if we include Blackburn) voting in favour by large majorities, and one fairly strongly voting against. I wonder if these local considerations are part of the problem that the… Read more »

11 years ago

Prayers for the people and churches of West Yorkshire.

Simon Sarmiento
11 years ago

I cannot answer Edward’s question about why Wakefield voted against, but I do need to point out that a significant portion (most of the land area, certainly) of one of the dioceses that has voted in favour of the plan, namely Ripon and Leeds, is NOT within the boundaries of the County of West Yorkshire at all. The current Archdeaconry of Richmond is situated mainly (if not wholly) within the boundaries of the County of North Yorkshire.

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