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Consultation on diocesan church growth strategies

Updated Saturday afternoon

St John’s Nottingham organised an event recently titled Diocesan Church Growth Strategies – A consultation for Southern Dioceses.

David Keen has published a series of articles on his blog about this event, which you can read starting with this one.

This link will take you to all the posts in reverse date order.

But see the update below for a much easier way to navigate through all this.

There are case studies from several dioceses in Southern England, including: Exeter, London. Coventry, Birmingham, and St Albans.

The Archbishop of Canterbury addressed the conference too.

And there is a final post on the role of the national church.

There is now an overview post with links to all the others, at Diocesan Church Growth Strategies – Pulling it All Together.

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David Keen
David Keen
11 years ago

Glad to see this is garnering just as much interest and comment as the usual old debates about sex.

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