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News of the Marriage bill in the House of Lords

Updated again Sunday afternoon

The Second Reading of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples Bill) in the House of Lords will now be scheduled over two days, Monday and Tuesday, 3 and 4 June.

Updated The list of those who have asked to speak in the debate now stands at 90, about two-thirds of whom will speak on Monday, see list here. Only three active bishops (Leicester, Chester, Exeter) are listed, along with two retired bishops (Carey, Harries). There are however reports elsewhere that the Archbishop of Canterbury intends to speak.

The BBC has this news report: Late night votes on gay marriage could be a headache for Cameron which was written before the announcement relating to continuation on Tuesday. In his more recent post, Mark D’Arcy writes:

…Then the main business is the Marriage (Same Sex Couple[s]) Bill – with 86 peers now listed to speak. The Coalition business managers have responded to pressure from all sides (see earlier post) to rejig the debate to avoid sitting beyond midnight – and the vote will now be taken on Tuesday. Some peers may not like that, so watch out for complaints that this isn’t quite cricket…..Overshadowing proceedings is the rarity of a motion to decline to give the bill a second reading, from the Crossbencher, Lord Dear…

See this earlier article for links to the bill text and explanatory notes as it left the House of Commons.

There is a House of Lords Library Note about the bill, see here.

Read the transcript in Today’s Lords debates three hours after the debate.

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Jeremy Pemberton
Jeremy Pemberton
10 years ago

Only two serving bishops, yes, but Henny Penny, aka Lord Carey, is also down to speak.

10 years ago

Three fundamentalist bishops, out of four.

The Church of England really will have deserved everything it gets.

I am glad the business managers are taking responsibility for the proper management of the process.

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