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Martyn Percy delivers first Inclusive Church annual lecture

From the Inclusive Church website:

The Annual Inclusive Church lecture was inaugurated in 2013, marking the 10th anniversary of the founding of Inclusive Church.

The lecture is part of Inclusive Church’s commitment to articulate a coherent gospel theology of inclusion.

The inaugural lecture entitled ‘On Being Together: the Possibility of Church’ was given by Martyn Percy at Southwark Cathedral, with 200 guests.
Some earlier parts of this paper were initially explored in Anglicanism: Confidence, Commitment and Communion (Ashgate, 2013), Thirty-Nine New Articles: An Anglican Landscape of Faith (SCM-Canterbury, 2013), a lecture given at St. John’s College, Auckland, New Zealand , April 2013…

The full text of the lecture can be downloaded as a PDF file, from here.

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Sister Mary
Sister Mary
11 years ago

I found this lecture inspiring

Edward Prebble
Edward Prebble
11 years ago

I was privileged to hear the earlier version of this at St John’s College, Auckland. indeed inspiring, and he has improved it for this version.
May we hope that he will be chosen for one of the current batch of episcopal vacancies?

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