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General synod opens today

Updated Friday evening

The General Synod of the Church of England meets from this afternoon until Tuesday lunchtime. Thinking Anglicans will be there.

Madeleine Davies writes in the Church Times that Group talks hold key to women-bishops outcome.

The BBC reports: Women bishops on agenda as General Synod meets in York.

Recent opinion includes:

George Pitcher writes in The Independent that Women bishops are the first big test for Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. “Those of us in the Church of England not sweatily testing cheap deodorants on the floor of Synod in York this weekend pray Welby can finally resolve this matter.”

Simon Cawdell writes for Fulcrum about New Paths for Old Minefields.

Alan Wilson writes on his blog about Genuine Unity — How to focus it.

But women bishops is not the only item to be discussed as the agenda and papers make clear.


Andrew Brown blogs about The synod’s big chance to destroy the Church of England over female bishops. “The Church of England could be killed by a legislative process apparently modelled on a cow’s digestive system.”

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Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
10 years ago

Bishop Alan Wilson, as usual, discerns the real need of G.S. to pursue the desired ethos of Unity in Diversity by accepting the diversity while yet not seeking to supress it under the cloak of an unworkable synthesis. Until the Church accepts the fact that women and gays are part and parcel of the Church and the world for which Christ died; not seeking in some way to accommodate the nay-sayers – on grounds of a two-tier recognition/non-recognition basis – there will be no lasting peace for us as a world-wide Communion of Churches. If GAFCON wants to continue to… Read more »

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