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General Synod – Saturday morning press reports

Updates Saturday lunchtime

We published the Archbishop of Canterbury’s presidential address to General Synod last night. Here are some press reports of the speech.

John Bingham in The Telegraph Welby calls for Church to join the sexual ‘revolution’

Sam Jones in The Guardian Archbishop of Canterbury uses first address to warn of sexual revolution

BBC News Welby says CofE schools to fight homophobic bullying

Adam Jourdan of Reuters Anglican head says determined to push for women bishops

Steve Doughty in the Mail Online Church of England must accept gay rights, Archbishop Welby says in first speech to Synod

Christian Today Archbishop of Canterbury calls for restoration of trust over women bishops debate

And Bishop Nick Baines blogs: Revolution or Reformation?

The official summary of Friday’s business is here: General Synod – Friday pm and here: Clerk to the Synod and Prolocutor take their seats at General Synod.

Colin Coward writes on the Changing Attitude blog Christianity in a time of revolution – Archbishop Justin’s presidential address.

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11 years ago

The Anglican communion joined the sexual reviolution in 1930, when it approved contraception. To get in step with the nation , and more importantly its next supreme Governor it introduced divorce and re-marriage in 2002, dependent on the whim of the approached clergy person. Also the Church of england approves transgendered clergy.

However in all fairness , Cranmer had wanted non fault divorce in 1553 , but the sudeen death of Edward the sixth stopped him altering the canons.

11 years ago

Join? Warn? Fight? It seems ABC Welby’s speech was a “Rashomon” (everyone sees what they want to see).

Spirit of Vatican II
11 years ago

Colin Coward’s comment is excellent. The Archbishop has to cater to the vast numbers of African Anglicans who have given their church like their continent a bad name. Meanwhile Robert Ian Williams again peddles the sort of sectarian rhetoric that gives English Roman Catholics such a bad name.

Jonathan Jennings
Jonathan Jennings
11 years ago

On the contrary, JCF, it was very neatly done; ‘bridge to engine room’ stuff …

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