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Bradford, Ripon & Leeds and Wakefield


The proposal to dissolve the three dioceses of Bradford, Ripon & Leeds and Wakefield, and to replace them by a new diocese of Leeds (that may also be known as the diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales) was debated by General Synod this afternoon. The proposal was carried on a show of hands.

A second vote was carried to set up a transitional vacancy in see committee. The process to nominate the first Bishop of Leeds can now start. Meetings of the CNC have already been set: 12 November 2013 and 9/10 January 2014.


The CofE has issued this press release.

Synod approves new Diocese of Leeds for West Yorkshire and The Dales
08 July 2013

The General Synod has, today, approved a draft reorganisation scheme that will see the creation of a new Diocese of Leeds, serving West Yorkshire and The Dales, and replacing the current Dioceses of Bradford, Ripon and Leeds, and Wakefield.

The new diocese will come into existence on a day to be set by the Archbishop of York after the scheme has been confirmed by Her Majesty the Queen through an Order in Council. Synod also approved a resolution establishing a Vacancy in See Committee for the new diocese so that the process for appointing the first Bishop of Leeds could begin.

Professor Michael Clarke, chair of the Dioceses Commission that prepared the scheme, welcomed the decision of the Synod. “Synod’s historic decision confirms the Commission’s judgement that the radical creation of a new diocese centred on Leeds offered the best way of meeting the mission challenges facing the Church in West Yorkshire.”

In addition to the Bishop of Leeds, the new diocese will be served by four area bishops of Bradford, Huddersfield, Ripon and Wakefield (the latter two being renamed Sees currently occupied by the Bishops of Knaresborough and Pontefract).

The Cathedrals of Bradford, Ripon, and Wakefield will be the cathedrals of the new diocese. There is provision for Leeds Minster to become a pro-cathedral in the future if the Bishop of Leeds so directs.

So as to be more in sync with civic boundaries existing archdeacon and deaneries will be reorganised under the scheme and a small number of parishes will transfer to neighbouring dioceses. Detailed arrangements about the workings of the new diocese are still to be worked out, as these will be for local decision.

The scheme was drawn up to enhance the ability of the Church to respond to the challenges of mission in the West Yorkshire region.


The detailed scheme can be read at

Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York’s speech in the debate can be read at

The Rt Rev Nick Baines, Bishop of Bradford’s speech can be read at

Diocese of Wakefield,

Diocese of Ripon & Leeds,

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Father David
Father David
10 years ago

What would Bishop Walsham How think of this scheme I wonder? More to the point what would Saint Wilfrid make of it all now that his great cathedral is to be down graded and possibly replaced by Leeds parish church? How come the diocese of Sheffield isn’t queuing up to join the new mega diocese of Leeds?,

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