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General Synod – Tuesday morning round-up

David Pocklington of Law & Religion UK looks at CofE General Synod, Legal Issues

Peter Dominiczak in The Telegraph Welby reignites row with Government over ‘benefits scroungers’

John Bingham in The Telegraph Future Church of England bishops to be quizzed on their sex lives

Steve Doughty in the Mail Online Sex quiz for Church of England vicars who want to be bishops: Candidates will be asked after concerns gay and divorced clergy are breaking rules

BBC Women bishops: Church of England synod votes for new law (includes a two-minute interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury)

Andreas Whittam Smith in The Independent Women bishops at last? Law debated by Church of England Synod

Reuters UK Divided Church of England renews pledge to ordain women bishops

Christian Today Church of England makes fresh start on women bishops

Madeleine Davies and Gavin Drake in the Church Times Synod approves new West Yorkshire diocese

BBC General Synod approves Diocese of Leeds merger plans

Michael Black in the Bradford Telegraph & Argus Bradford Diocese to be axed after General Synod decision

Yorkshire Post Yorkshire ‘Super diocese’ given go-ahead as Synod agrees to shake-up

Brighouse Echo Super diocese for Calderdale churches

Andrew Jackson in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner Huddersfield to get own bishop under new Church of England ‘super-diocese’ proposals

Heather Saul in The Independent Church of England issues ‘unreserved’ apologies to victims of Chichester child abuse after investigation reveals extent of failures

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Sara MacVane
Sara MacVane
10 years ago

From the ludicrous to the sublime(ly ludicrous). I assume I don’t need to specify which points I am referring to here.

Richard Ashby
Richard Ashby
10 years ago

It’s official. The CofE is obsessed by sex. I hope those who are quizzed aout their sex lives lie and lie again.

Sara MacVane
Sara MacVane
10 years ago

Another thought: but wait a minute, why only civilly partnered (gays) and divorced (marrieds?)? Sound a bit like discrimination to me – what about us singles – whether same or opposite sex inclined? Shouldn’t we be interrogated too? I’m not saying I do have a sex life (wish I did though) …. And what about non-divorced marrieds? orthodox (or non-orthodox, God forbid) positions and practices … and what about those who are already bishops and archbishops? Have they been properly (so to speak) interrogated? equal treatment for all please. Sillier and sillier.

Erika Baker
Erika Baker
10 years ago

I’m afraid, your proposals do not go far enough.
Are we forgetting Proverbs 6:25 and Matthew 5:27-28?

What we really need is a rigorous process to ensure that no-one who ever even thought about sex before they were married is considered to be sufficiently pure. During marriage, they must only ever have thought about sex in connection with their spouse. And should they be widowed, they must prove that they ceased thinking about sex from that day forward.

And I want independent witnesses to certify that they always slept with their hands folded over their bedclothes.

Stephen Morgan
Stephen Morgan
10 years ago

If the two archbishops are that interested in other peoples sex lives there are web sites they can go to!

Simon Sarmiento
10 years ago

At the risk of stating the obvious, the original text on which the two stories above, by John Bingham and Steve Doughty, are based, can be found here at Q56

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