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Nigerian Archbishop kidnapped

The Most Revd Ignatius Kattey, the Archbishop of the Niger Delta, has been kidnapped in Nigeria. David Hamid, the suffragan bishop in Europe, has this report: Nigerian Archbishop with links to our Diocese has been kidnapped.

A Nigerian Anglican Archbishop, one of two who visited our diocese earlier this year, has been kidnapped by armed men on Friday 6 September. The Most Revd Ignatius Kattey and his wife Beatrice were kidnapped near their residence at Eleme, Port Harcourt, last Friday 6 September.

Archbishop Ignatius is the Dean of the Nigerian Church, and Archbishop of the Niger Delta Province, and the second most senior Anglican bishop in the country. According to reports, the kidnappers abandoned the Archbishop’s car containing Mrs Kattey after a police chase. The Archbishop is still missing.

Archbishop Ignatius accompanied Archdeacon of Italy and Malta Jonathan Boardman on visits to Turin and Padua last April, and along with his colleague Archbishop Joseph Akinfenwa came to my office afterwards to report on their visit and explore with me how our partnership and cooperation might be deepened.

Apparently, no group has claimed responsibility and no ransom demand has been made.

Please pray for the safe release of the Archbishop.

The Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion has a brief statement on its website.

There are many reports in the Nigerian press including these.

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Other reports include:

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10 years ago

Prayers ascending!

Davis Mac-Iyalla
Davis Mac-Iyalla
10 years ago

What a sad news, I and my partner just finish eating our dinner and I decided to take a look at what’s going on online, only to get a message from my sister Erika, asking me if I have seen the terrible news of the Nigeria bishop that was kidnaped. Very shocking for me was to know that the kidnaped bishop is Most Revd Ignatius Kattey, a man I hold in high regards even though we disagree on the views and understanding of human sexuality. Sometime in 2002, I think, Bishop Kattey, invited the Bishops in the Northern provinces that… Read more »

Davis Mac-Iyalla
Davis Mac-Iyalla
10 years ago

I am still feeling worried about the kidnapped Nigerian Archbishop, The Most Revd Ignatius Kattey, Archbishop of the Niger Delta province. The reason why I am so worried now is this statement from the Nigerian church saying it would not pay any ransom to secure his release. Is this true or they are only putting a bold face on in public while negotiations for a ransom will be taking place at the backstage? It’s most shocking to know that a Bishop will be kidnapped in Nigeria, considering how Nigerians worshipped their religious leaders more than the God they are supposed… Read more »

Jonathan Boardman
10 years ago

I hosted Archbishop Kattey in April here in Italy and have the highest regard for him as a Christian man, a friend and minister of the Gospel. He transformed my own prejudices of the debate we are engaged in within the Anglican Communion. His conduct of a confirmation in the chaplaincy of St Anthony Abbot Padova where I am Priest-in-Charge was a moment for me of deep personal conversion. I urge all who read this to pray fervently for his and his wife’s release. I will be contacting diplomatic chanels based in Italy tomorrow.

10 years ago

How horrible! God, please see them safely home. Amen! Amen!

10 years ago

Prayers for the archbishop and his wife!

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