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Church in Wales – Governing Body meeting

Updated Thursday morning

The Governing Body of the Church in Wales is meeting today (Wednesday) and tomorrow. The agenda, with links to the papers, is online here.

There are already two press releases

Be inspired by two great Welsh clerics, Archbishop tells Church
Archbishop calls on parishioners to invest in credit unions

with links to speeches by the Archbishop of Wales.

The main item of business tomorrow is the Bill to Enable Women to be Consecrated as Bishop. The meeting is scheduled to continue into Thursday afternoon.

Wales Online yesterday previewed the debate with Women bishops vote could be derailed again.

The chair of WATCH has sent this Message to the Church in Wales.


BBC Church in Wales to vote on women bishops

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robert ian Williams
robert ian Williams
10 years ago

My prayer is that those Catholic minded Anglicans in Wales, who in conscience cannot accept womens ordination should act with integrity and join the Roman Catholic Church.The idea of two integrities in the one Church is nonsense.

10 years ago

As Christians we are called to love our neighbour as ourselves. We are not called to love our neighbour as themselves but ourselves. I cannot see how anyone can then say their neighbour is female and therefore less worthy to be their neighbour. Loving as ourselves means we give them the same potential as ouselves, the same respect and the same consideration. Anything other is just not Christian.

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
10 years ago

Wales votes for single clause amendment, bishops Bill defeated. Women bishops and no compromise.
A code of practice to be developed. That is all.

Peter Owen
10 years ago

We have a separate article on today’s debate and vote above. Please make your comments about the decision there and not here.

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