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Fulcrum was founded ten years ago this month, as we noted here. Graham Kings wrote about the early history here.

Fulcrum has announced today that it has a new chair, the Revd John Watson, and three new leadership team members: the Ven Alastair Cutting, Dr Paula Gooder, and Andy Walton. Details are here: 10th Anniversary of Fulcrum: New Chair and 3 New Team Members.

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David Runcorn
10 years ago

I am very grateful for Fulcrum. I am not sure those watching from outside it or reacting to aspects of it appreciate what a diverse spread in embraced within the present Anglican Evangelical world. The Fulcrum initiative – providing a hospitable space for all shades of views to meet and talk based on a generous, thinking ‘open’ conservatism was very brave when launched – and still is I think. I don’t agree with them on significant issues but they are critical friends and I have been able to hammer out my own thinking on more than one issue via their… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
10 years ago

I wonder what FULCRUM is thinking about statement made by Pope Francis I, on the need for a review of attitudes towards homosexuals? It would now be interesting to see if any movement has occurred in their editorial opinion since Fulcrum’s formation as a think-tank for the Church of England

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