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Royal Baptism

Updated Wednesday evening

On Wednesday 23 October 2013 the Archbishop of Canterbury will baptize His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge in a private ceremony at The Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace.

The archbishop has recorded a five-about minute video in which he talks about this event and the broader significance of baptism.

Here are just a few of the many articles in press.

The Guardian has this editorial today: In praise of … a right royal dunking.

The Telegraph
Prince George’s christening ‘hugely important’, says Archbishop of Canterbury
Gordon Rayner Prince George christening: tough times ahead for Duke and Duchess, says Archbishop

Archbishop hopes Prince George baptism will inspire


The archbishop published this after the service: Prince George’s christening: read highlights from the Archbishop’s address.

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Concerned Anglican
Concerned Anglican

Has no-one else commented on this? According to Justin Welby it is supposed to be an inspirational event that will help parents decide to have their children christened. It would be nice to think so but sadly I doubt it.

Interested Observer
Interested Observer

*an inspirational event that will help parents decide to have their children christened*

Except for gay parents. So far as Welby’s concerned, they’re like wife beaters.

John Bunyan

I have already emailed the excellent little video with the Archbishop’s address to friends and clergy, and to members of my own family including the parents and grandparents of a family member soon to be christened. Others might well do something of that kind even where baptism has not been decided on ! And who knows who may be encouraged to choose to have a baptism through reading about that of Prince George. (One hopes they are not discouraged by insistence on a course of “preparation” and inclusion of a baptism in a regular service. The good parents involved in… Read more »

Robert ian Williams
Robert ian Williams

Not a word about original sin, and the cleansing effect of baptismal regeneration.

Edward Prebble
Edward Prebble

“Not a word about original sin, and the cleansing effect of baptismal regeneration”. RIW

No indeed, Robert. And very sensible too. There would have been plenty of that in the service itself without needing to talk about it in a video of this sort.

Father Ron Smith

Robert, all talk of ‘original sin’ in a missional video of this sort would hardly meet the criterion of ‘Good News’ (Gospel) to an outsider. Anyway, the baby is not ‘guilty’ of original sin – it is a fact!