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New Canadian Primate

The Canadian General Synod has elected Andrew Hutchison as the new Primate of Canada.

Official press release: Archbishop Andrew Hutchison of Montreal elected 12th Primate of Anglican Church of Canada

Anglican Journal:
Synod elects Montreal archbishop as primate
Reaction to the election of Archbishop Andrew Hutchison as primate
New primate’s interest in peacemaking runs deep

Associated Press via the Guardian: Canada’s Anglicans Pick Liberal Leader

Toronto Globe and Mail: Anglicans pick trailblazer to lead flock

Toronto Star: Anglicans pick liberal as leader

CBC News: Anglicans choose leader who supports same-sex unions

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Jay Vos
Jay Vos
19 years ago

“Liberal picked to lead Canadian Anglicans” was the breaking news Globe and Mail headline yesterday. Today’s is “Anglicans pick trailblazer to lead flock” in the same paper.

Interesting choice of words, IMHO. But to me a trailblazer is one who can be prophetic, iconoclastic, in the forefront (sp?) and at the same time true to deeply held values.

Just thought I’d throw that in.

Happy Pentecost to all from the shores of Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont, USA.

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