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More analyses of Sharpe v Worcester DBF

Our previous report is here.

The Church Times carried a detailed news report by Gavin Drake but this is available only to subscribers.

Frank Cranmer has published the more detailed analysis that he promised, see Clergy employment and Sharpe v Worcester DBF.

Two other articles have been published:

Philip Jones has written The Removal of an Irremovable Pastor: Sharpe v Diocese of Worcester. He argues that it is impossible for the holder of a freehold office to bring a dismissal claim of any kind in an employment tribunal.

Neil Addison writes that Anglican Vicar May be an Employee.

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Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
10 years ago

A very good summary from Mr Jones.

You just fall into the hole in the thinking he conjures.

But as I read this there is a course open that is left is to argue that the failure to protect the Rector amounted to constructive dismissal. Or have I missed something …

Rev John Smallwood
Rev John Smallwood
10 years ago

This judgement is reasonably clear for a legal argument. What is also clear is that this is unlikely to be the final word on the case.

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