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Living arrangements for Bishop of Bath & Wells – 2

This is an update to our earlier article here.

Archbishop Cranmer blogs that Tessa Munt MP intends to gate-crash General Synod on behalf of the Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Arun Arora, Director of Communications, Church Commissioners, has written to The Telegraph: When palaces are unsuitable for modern life.

John Bingham writes in The Telegraph today that Churchgoers fear secret plan to sell bishops’ palace, says former Dean, referring to a letter from Richard Lewis also in The Telegraph: Evicted Bishop of Wells.

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Father David
Father David
10 years ago

Following his letter to The Telegraph will Arun Arora soon be encouraging his boss Justin Welby to vacate Lambeth Palace for something more suitable and private?

Father David
Father David
10 years ago

At coffee after this morning’s Eucharist a parishioner came up with the perfect solution. Why not plant a hedge in the grounds of the Bishop’s palace at Wells, for which planning permission is not required, thus securing greater privacy for the next episcopal incumbent. If the tourists go to the left and the bishop’s flat is to the right then the problem is solved.

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