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EHRC guidance on the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published detailed guidance to explain the equality and human rights implications of this legislation. The guidance covers 5 main areas: the law; public authorities; the workplace and service delivery; religious organisations; and school education.

The material can all be found via this page.

Law & Religion UK has published an article summarising the key points.

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10 years ago

We should remember that the archbishop has made his views on same-gender marriage clear. In an address to the House of Lords he reiterated, as he did in the radio interview most recently that marriage is a sacred institution reserved for heterosexuals. In fact, in this most recent interview the Guardian wrote that the archbishop did not want LGBT people to be treated with any greater severity than adulterous heterosexuals are treated. The core idea here if anyone cares to look closely is that same-gender relationships are sinful.

Interested Observer
Interested Observer
10 years ago

I see from the comments to that story that the conservatives are yet again excited by the prospect of fighting doomed legal battles through to the European Courts in order to increase their sense of martyrdom. Same sex marriage (or civil unions, which in most countries are more equivalent than they are here because all marriages require a civil component) is legal is more than half of the countries of the EU. The first two countries, Holland (2001) and Belgium (2003), are pretty much the sine qua non of “European”, being signatories to the 1951 Treaty of Paris which set… Read more »

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