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Modern Believing explores same-sex partnerships and marriage

Announcement from Modern Church:

Leading theology journal challenges church leaders on same-sex partnerships and marriage

One of the most respected scholarly journals in the religious world is presenting a positive case for gay marriages and same-sex partnerships.

Amid controversy in church and society, marriage equality is taking effect not only in Britain but in many parts of the world. The latest [April] issue of Modern Believing offers an in-depth exploration of the theological questions raised. This issue is guest-edited by Savitri Hensman, an Ekklesia associate, and contains six articles by theologians presenting a positive response to the growing public acceptance of same-sex partnerships.

There will be a launch event to publicise this, details are over here.

The contents of the issue can all be found on the website of the Liverpool University Press.

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Interested Observer
Interested Observer
10 years ago

Note that you’ll need a University login or equivalent to read the full text. It’s usual practice in academia for people to be able to publish their own writing on their own website (indeed, that’s a condition for a lot of funding agencies) so it’s possible the authors might be able to provide links to their own copies.

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