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Four new suffragan bishops announced

Church press release:

Downing Street has announced today four new Suffragan bishops in the Dioceses of York and Chelmsford. John Thomson (Selby), Paul Ferguson (Whitby), Roger Morris (Colchester), and Peter Hill (Barking), have been confirmed to become Suffragan bishops after their nomination was approved by the Queen.

Downing Street announcements:

Suffragan Bishop of Selby: John Bromilow Thomson

Suffragan Bishop of Whitby: Paul John Ferguson

Suffragan Bishop of Colchester: Roger Anthony Brett Morris

Suffragan Bishop of Barking: Peter Hill

Diocese of York announcement: New Bishops of Selby and Whitby

Diocese of Chelmsford announcement: New Bishops – Exciting times for a diocese on the move with God

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Tim S
Tim S
10 years ago

Congratulations to those responding to this vocation to the episcopacy. From what I know about all of these, – and i know some better than others – they all look like wise and exciting choices to help and support the ministry and mission of the church in their respective dioceses. Exciting times!

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