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What I Want to Say Now: Bishop John Gladwin


St Paul’s Cathedral has organised a series of Sunday afternoon sermons at Evensong in May with the general title What I want to Say Now.

During May four retired bishops have been invited to preach at Sunday Choral Evensong under the theme of What I want to say now.

No longer in public office but still part of a world and church undergoing huge challenges and changes, we look forward to hearing the distilled wisdom they believe it is urgent to share at this moment.

The four bishops are:

Sunday 4 May The Right Reverend John Gladwin – Bishop of Chelmsford, 2004-2009
Sunday 11 May The Right Reverend Peter Price – Bishop of Bath and Wells, 2001-2013
Sunday 18 May The Right Reverend Tom Butler – Bishop of Southwark, 1998-2010
Sunday 25 May The Right Reverend Christopher Herbert – Bishop of St Albans, 1996-2009

A video recording of the first of the four, by John Gladwin, is now available, linked from this page. To go directly to the video follow this link.

A full transcript of this lecture is now available here.

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10 years ago

Bishop Gladwin, thank you for putting the case so strongly.

I strongly recommend that everyone read this.

The rest of us can agree or disagree with His Lordship’s argument about causation. But it would be hard to put the social-justice argument more vividly than he did.

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
10 years ago

He asks some good questions?
I wonder if Tom us going to tell us …….. no, it’s just too naughty! I can’t go there.
But it’s true that in a long and interesting career he is remembered for just one rather amusing event.
My friend Anthony Braddick-Southgate might argue that such a legacy is richly deserved!

10 years ago

A really inspirational talk from John Gladwin. Thank you, TA editors, for making it available!

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
10 years ago

A brave bishop, speaking the truth in love!

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