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Church of Ireland General Synod meeting reports

Updated Monday

The Church of Ireland held its General Synod from 8 to 10 May.

There are several reports of major items on the official church website:

The Archbishop Of Armagh’s Presidential Address At The General Synod 2014

General Synod 2014: Interchangeability Of Ministry Between Church Of Ireland And Methodist Church In Ireland

The Explanatory Memorandum and the full text of the Bill as presented to synod is here.

Synod Hears Interim Report Of Committee On Human Sexuality In The Context Of Christian Belief

This last item was also reported on in the Irish Times Church committee on sexuality needs more time for final report


The Church of Ireland Gazette now has a number of reports available online at this location including those on the new relationship with the Methodist church, and on the progress of the Select Committee on Human Sexuality in the Context of Christian Belief.

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robert Ian Williams
robert Ian Williams
10 years ago

Good to see the Church of Ireland has finally dropped the pretence to apostolic succession and the necessity of episcopal ordination. Although in the early seventeenth century it accepted presbyterian ministers into the ordained ministry.

Another nail in ARCIC.

Father Ron Smith
10 years ago

I find it rather silly that a Roman Catholic convert from Anglicanism can express his delight that an Anglican Province ‘has finally dropped the pretence to apostolic succession’.

I’m sad that such agressive sectarianism can be posted on a website called ‘Thinking Anglicans’ – especially when the commenter is so obviously not one.

10 years ago

No disrespect, RIW, but I’ll take Pope Francis’s take on the status of ARCIC, before yours.

Paul Arbuthnot
Paul Arbuthnot
10 years ago

If a Church of Ireland priest is ordained by a bishop who was previously a Methodist President, will the C of E (or any other Anglican province) recognise them as a priest? There are a million other questions one could ask. What an ill thought through piece of legislation!

Nigel Aston
Nigel Aston
10 years ago

Its episcopal descent and integrity was historically integral to Irish Anglican claims vis-a-vis Protestant nonconformists. This agreement marks the abandonment of apostolic claims in any but the most diluted manner. The Ordinariate is coming to Cardiff. Next stop Dublin perhaps?

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