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Church Credit Champions Network

The Church Credit Champions Network was launched this evening, as described in this press release from the Church of England: Churches step up fight for better lending.

The first steps towards a national network of churches, communities and credit unions will be unveiled today at a launch, supported by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Task Group on Responsible Lending.

The Church Credit Champions Network (CCCN) aims to create a network of people who will bring together churches, communities and responsible lenders. The scheme is being piloted in three Church of England Dioceses – Southwark, Liverpool and London. The members will act as advocates for the community finance providers…

The Church Credit Champions Network is a joint project of the Contextual Theology Centre and the Church Urban Fund and is being delivered with the assistance of the Church Urban Fund’s Together network.

Sir Hector Sant gave this speech at the launch: Sir Hector Sant’s speech at launch of Church Credit Union Network.

Early press reports include these:

BBC Financial advice to be available in church

Reuters Former British regulator launches church taskforce on credit unions
[Also available, in edited form, at The Guardian Hector Sants introduces network of credit unions to rival payday lenders]

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Father Ron Smith
10 years ago

Surely a very good move by Mother Church.

robert Ian Williams
robert Ian Williams
10 years ago

I also have to give credit to Doctor Welby and the Church of England over this.

Allan Ronald
Allan Ronald
10 years ago

I had a small bet with myself (a pint of Landlord) that this would garner a minimal number of comments compared with your usual fare and I was right. Lovely pint, by the way.

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