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"To Have and To Hold" – the theology of marriage

The LGBTI Anglican Coalition is hosting a one-day conference on the theology of marriage in the light of equal marriage, at St John’s Church, Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY on Saturday 27th September, 2014, from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Download the flyer, with booking details, here or go directly to Eventbrite.

Recognising current unease in the Church of England over same-sex marriage, the conference will ask whether there is a theological basis for expanding the definition of marriage. If so, what might a theology of equal marriage include?

The conference is intended to help the discussion around inclusive marriage. Leading contemporary thinkers and theologians will present their understanding of the history and current understanding of the theology of marriage.

Keynote speakers Adrian Thatcher and Charlotte Methuen will ask whether it’s legitimate to include same-sex relationships in the definition of marriage, and, if so, how that might affect the church’s attitude and practice? Workshops will look at specific questions – for instance, the Bishop of Buckingham and Revd. Rosie Harper will ask how patriarchy has affected our understanding of marriage, and Scot Peterson will consider how the church is affected by the new law permitting same-sex marriage.

The conference is intended for all who are interested in this debate – bishops, theological educators, laity and clergy.

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Father Ron Smith
9 years ago

Thank you, Simon, for putting this up on T.A. One wonders if it would not benefit the Anglican Communion of Churches to arrange for Theological Educators from around the Communion to take time out to attend what will obviously be an important educational opportunity on this matter of vital importance for our Church now and in time to come. I’m hoping that at least one of our diocesan Education Officers from ACANZP might be encouraged to attend. Perhaps it will be up to those of us who are keen for proper theological debate to take place on Same-Sex Marriage to… Read more »

9 years ago

[I left a comment here, which is missing? Referencing (re a “theology of equal marriage”) the Love among the Persons of the Trinity? And Rublev’s icon of same? Just wondering what happened to it. JCF.]

ED: checked spam folder, not there. Can you resend please?

9 years ago

Well, I think you have the essence of it, above. That the theology of marriage (which ever after SHALL be “equal marriage”!) is rooted in a theology of love, which begins WITHIN the Persons of the Holy Trinity (and just look *thru* Rublev’s icon to get the idea: )

To me, the Love within the Trinity is a much better vision/taste/scent/texture/harmony of Love approximation, than the “Christ and His Church” analogy (though Christ-like self-sacrifice is essential to any GOOD marriage. Again, JMO).

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