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Oxford Faith Debates: The Future of the Church of England

The organisation that brought you the Westminster Faith Debates now brings you a new series of five debates specifically about the Church of England.

They will be held in Oxford, at the University Church, on Thursdays in October, November and December, from 5.30 pm to 7 pm, under the overall title The Future of the Church of England. Click on each link below for details of the speakers.

Thursday 9 October PARISHES – What future for the Parochial System?

Thursday 23 October HERITAGE – How can Buildings, Endowments and Pensions become Assets not Burdens?

Thursday 6 November PEOPLE – How can Anglicans of all kinds be engaged in the Church of the Future?

Thursday 20 November DIVERSITY – What kind of Unity is appropriate nationally and internationally, How can Diversity become a strength?

Thursday 4 December VISION – What does the Church of England offer the next generation?

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9 years ago

If the topic is “the future of the Church of England,” then “international” unity would seem beside the point.

Or even counterproductive. The CofE’s ambition to act as an international focus has gotten the CofE in trouble lately. That ambition is making Canterbury’s visits abroad increasingly unwelcome, and is causing young people in England to question whether Anglicanism is really for them.

Do not let the bigoted African tail wag the CofE dog. The Anglican Communion is a family of churches, nothing more.

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