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General Synod – Monday press

Andrew Brown and Nicholas Watt The Guardian Church of England General Synod expected to approve female bishops

Andrew Brown The Guardian Liberalism increases as power shifts to the laity in the Church of England

The Guardian editorial The Guardian view on the female bishops’ vote: One more heave

John Bingham The Telegraph Welby ‘can’t force’ women bishops on Church

Dan Grimmer Norfolk Eastern Daily Press No vote on women bishops will destroy church’s credibility, says Archdeacon of Norwich

The Telegraph editorial Time to settle the vexed issue of women bishops

BBC Women bishops: Church’s second chance to decide
Women bishops: Will trust or outrage follow key vote?

Dan Clough Burnley and Pendle Citizen I’ll oppose ordination of female bishops, says John Goddard

Madeleine Davies Church Times Welby expects the women-bishops legislation to pass

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Richard Ashby
Richard Ashby
10 years ago

Andrew Brown’s article reinforces why there need to be major changes to the General And Diocesan Synods and the way the House of Laity in both are elected. It is no longer acceptable, if it ever was, that these Houses should be dominated by the ‘old and the fanatical’ to use Andrew Brown’s words in a previous article. Synod must much more accurately reflect the church at large and not the activist and passionate few. When it does we might start avoiding these damaging and divisive debates when ever there is a need for change.

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