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General Synod – Tuesday's business

General Synod completed its York meeting this morning.

Order paper for the day

Official summary of business

audio recording

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Father David
Father David
9 years ago

What on earth will the General Synod find to talk about in the future now that the issue that has been discussed ad infinitum for the last 44 years has been resolved?

Richard Ashby
Richard Ashby
9 years ago

Aren’t they going to discuss whether low churchmen can legally wear jeans and t shirt at the Lord’s supper?

Susan Cooper
Susan Cooper
9 years ago

Safeguarding will occupy some time and we will get onto sexual orientation and forms of relationship. We are always talking about mission and evangelism. We have now removed one of our barriers to mission. We need to dismantle others. I can assure you we are a talking shop, we will find plenty to talk about!

the other important function of General Synod is to provide a forum within which people from different parts of the country and different church tradition can get know each other and value the others’ ministries and mission fields.

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