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Archbishop speaks about minorities in Iraq

Updated Thursday morning

Madeleine Davies writes in the Church Times Welby invokes Holocaust at vigil for Middle East minorities

CHRISTIANS in the Middle East have not been treated so badly since the invasion by Genghis Khan in 1259, the Archbishop of Canterbury said on Wednesday. He later invoked the Holocaust when addressing an interfaith vigil at Westminster Abbey.

At a press conference at Lambeth Palace in the morning, the Archbishop said: “It took the barbarism of the jihadist militants to wake us up. But this . . . is a new thing. There has not been treatment of Christians in this region in this way since the invasion of Genghis Khan in 1259, 1260. . . I think we find it hard to believe that such horrors can happen.”

He was speaking after a meeting and prayer service with representatives of Middle East Churches, many of whom had just come from the region. In a joint statement, read out by Archbishop Welby, they warned that the region was “in desperate danger of losing an irreplaceable part of its identity, heritage and culture”…

Lambeth Palace releases:

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Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
9 years ago

A wonderful opportunity for each Abrahamic Faith community to express it’s commonality with others. Our common humanity is surely the bottom line. We Christians do not need to surrender our belief in Jesus as the key to salvation, while yet affirming the validity of other Faith communities

9 years ago

“There’s not been treatment of Christians in this region in this way since Ghengis Khan.” [ABC Welby] remembered in particular the beheading of a second US citizen, journalist Steven Sotloff”

Sotloff was Jewish. And, of course, the VAST majority of ISIL/ISIS victims have been Muslim (both Shia and Sunni).

ISIS/ISIL is a ***death cult***, w/ just a facade of Sunni Islam. All humans who love LIFE should unite against them!

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