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Parishes: What Future for the Parochial System?

The first of the Oxford Faith Debates took place last week.

Audio recordings of the whole proceedings are now available from this page.

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Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis
9 years ago

I have had opportunity to hear only the presentation by Anna Norman-Walker. I tried to transfer her observations to what is happening there, to what is here in a different context regarding protestant churches, the United Church’s surge in church closures, and the closures and amalgamations taking place in the Anglican Church which is second in size behind the United Church. Her fire station comparison is perfect! Bravo Zulu Norman-Walker. I hope folks are listening.

Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis
9 years ago

Now had opportunity to listen to the other presentations. I’m surprised there are not more comments. While social and politcal context and culture are everything of course, much of what is said by presenters has some resonance with our situation in Canada, and the Anglican and United Churches here. I’ve sent a link around to some of my pals here. Thanks for this.

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