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More on the Women Bishops legislation

Early press reports:

Tim Wyatt Church Times From today, women can be bishops in the Church of England

Caroline Wyatt BBC Church of England formally approves plans for women bishops

Andrew Brown The Guardian Church of England clears way for female bishops

John Bingham and agency The Telegraph Church of England approves historic change in law to allow women bishops

Kashmira Gander The Independent Church of England shatters ‘stained-glass ceiling’ by allowing female bishops

Carey Lodge Christian Today Final approval given to women bishops at General Synod

… and from the Archbishop of Canterbury Women bishops: Archbishop hails “new way of being the church”

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Father Ron Smith
9 years ago

Good Opening Address by the ABC!

If the Church of England can manage with the “Two Integrities’ on Women Bishops; surely the Provinces of the A.C. can manage diversity in Sexuality and Gender? Time alone will tell.

9 years ago

The uncharitable part of me says we’ll only start talking about “two integrities” when the conservatives start thinking they might lose the battle. At the moment they still think they can win on sexuality so they’ll continue to demand that anyone who disagrees with them is excluded, and push to have the secular law support their bigotry (with a few honourable exceptions).

robert ian williams
robert ian williams
9 years ago

Our Lord said, I am the way , the life and the truth..not the two integrities!

Laurence Cunnington
Laurence Cunnington
9 years ago

Thirty-nine years after the Sex Discrimination Act 1975. Stand by for same-sex marriages in CofE churches in 2053!

9 years ago

I thought this picnic needed an ant {waves at RIW}. ;-/

The Imago-Dei-Made-Female are discerning calls by “the Way, Truth and Life” to holy orders (confirmed by Christ’s Church to the episcopal order): it may make you uncomfortable (the Gospel does that to all of us, in one way or another!), but it inarguably has “integrity”.

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