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General Synod – Tuesday's business

Updated Wednesday and Thursday

Official summaries of the day’s business

General Synod: Tuesday morning
General Synod: Tuesday afternoon
Synod approves motion calling for evaluation of research findings into the effect of removing the Spare Room Subsidy

Press reports and comment:

John Bingham The Telegraph Welby warns offering asylum to Christians could ‘drain’ Middle East of 2,000-year-old communities

Fuad Nahdi The Guardian Christians and Muslims have co-existed peacefully before and must do so again

Press Association (in The Guardian) British Muslims feel paralysed by Iraq and Syria conflicts, activist tells synod


Ruth Gledhill Christian Today Muslim address to Synod: ‘Muslims and Christians must learn more about each other’

Archbishop of York General Synod Farewell to the Bishop of Newcastle

Audio Part 1 Part 2 Discussion on violence against religious minorities in Syria and Iraq

Ruth Gledhill Christian Today UK Methodists might accept bishops as CofE covenant (slowly) progresses

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