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more on Bishop of Stockport

More news reports in addition to those I linked to yesterday

Isabel Hardman The Spectator Meet Libby Lane – the first interview with the first woman bishop

John Bingham The Telegraph First woman bishop ‘grew up believing that anything was possible’
First woman bishop: ‘Now I hope to see more like me’

Ruth Gledhill Christian Today Rev Libby Lane will be first woman bishop for Church of England

Emily Dugan The Independent Manchester vicar Rev Libby Lane will be Church of England’s first woman bishop

Edward Malnick The Telegraph First woman bishop: profile of parish priest Libby Lane

Caroline Crampton New Statesman Meet Libby Lane, the Church of England’s first woman bishop

Megan Gibson Time Meet the Church of England’s First Ever Female Bishop

A welcome from the Archbishop of Canterbury

And a few comments from campaigning organisations

Forward in Faith

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David Runcorn
David Runcorn
9 years ago

Very gracious of FinF to offer good wishes and prayers to the new Bishop. How disappointing to find that spirit completely absent in the Reform statement.

Iain Baxter
Iain Baxter
9 years ago

Yes, Reform’s comments were not the most generous – but they are a small group. They claim to have about a hundred churches where “one or more of the leadership at this church is a member of Reform”. Does this mean one member of the PCC? It is not clear. There are only perhaps about ten “Reform Churches” according to their website – you have to search area by area. Their claim that Reform churches are on average 30% bigger is a hollow claim indeed. Small country churches of ten or so elderly parishioners are unlikely to be members of… Read more »

Jim Pratt
Jim Pratt
9 years ago

David Runcorn,
My thoughts exactly. The contrast between the two statements was striking.

9 years ago

Yes, t’is gracious indeed.

I thought all three Statements were quite good, though, in the circumstances.

Though, I should not have known from them that

1. God has come among us in the flesh and
2. Christ has been raised from death, ascended, Glorified and Awaited !


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