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Green report: letters to the Church Times

Updated again Sunday evening

Today’s Church Times has a large number of letters commenting on the Green report, and you can read them all on this page: Responses to the Green report on senior appointments in the C of E.

Earlier TA articles about this are here, here, and here.

Some further blog articles:

Lay Anglicana Training For Leadership In The Church Of England

Vic the Vicar Finding Talent: The Pool and a Plea and now also Dear Lord Green.

In addition to the letters, there is a news article: C of E leaders respond to ‘turbulence’ over Green report.

Stephen Cherry has written The Green Report and the Hymnbook Test.

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Richard Ashby
Richard Ashby
9 years ago

Interesting isn’t it that the Green report is being implemented without any discussion within the Church or even before it is published. Did those responsible anticipate the volume of negative and critical responses and decide to get in first? Or is that the cynic in me (yet again)?

Father David
Father David
9 years ago

It must have taken Lord Green and his committee members a considerable amount of time and effort to produce this much maligned report. The first I heard of its very existence was at its publication. Who actually commissioned this report and when seems to me to be a bit of a mystery and how long has the committee been beavering away in secret before it was launched upon the Church just before Christmas? A good time to release bad news! I think we should be told just who bears ultimate responsibility for the proposed expenditure of two million pounds (at… Read more »

9 years ago

Who trains the trainers ?

Jonathan Jennings
Jonathan Jennings
9 years ago

What on earth is the CT doing publishing a nasty anonymous letter about evangelicals and Caroline Boddington?

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