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Some more comment on the Green report

The “Green report” was reissued at the end of last week as an attachment to GS 1982 which is a covering note by the Bishop of Ely. See Discerning and Nurturing Senior Leaders.

Senior Ordained Leadership – a new approach to development of those with
potential for posts with wider responsibility and to the leadership development of
bishops and deans


1. The report “Talent Management for Future Leaders and Leadership Development for
Bishops and Deans” was commissioned by the Archbishops in January 2014. Though
theologically rooted, it was presented, as requested, as a business case to the Spending Plans Task Group who agreed to commit funding for the project through to the end of 2016. This decision was reported to the Archbishops’ Council and Church Commissioners in September 2014. The proposals were also discussed with the College of Bishops, the Deans Conference and a meeting of Directors of Ministry in autumn 2014. For ease of reference it is set out at attachment 1.

2. This paper is prepared to support the presentation at General Synod on the 10th February 2015 and the subsequent hearing the following day. The Development and Appointments Group (a sub-committee of the House of Bishops) wishes to take the opportunity the Synod discussions will give to i) set the proposals in their wider context ii) connect the theological underpinning of this work with the organisational language of the proposals iii) create space to explore the various issues and concerns that have arisen and iv) provide an update on the detailed design…

The remainder of GS 1982 is well worth a read.

Other articles that appeared before this:

Janet Henderson Leadership Means Partnership

It’s been an interesting time to reflect on leadership. While I’m currently in the middle of an MA in Hospice Leadership, the Church of England has produced The Green Report (nothing to do with ecology!) about senior leadership in the church. Given the coherence and creativity of approach toward leadership training I experience among my hospice peers why, I ask myself, has the Green Report met with such an outcry and so much criticism?

Andrew Lightbown What is leadership? A short post Green reflection.

David Keen Green Shoots? Archbishops introduce CofE nose to the smell of coffee

Usefulinparts 13 key points from the @c_of_e ‘s Green Report (with page no. refs) on #Talent Management –

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useful in parts
8 years ago

this link to the 13 points post works

ED: thanks, have now fixed that above.

James A
James A
8 years ago

Who is kidding who here? Talk about locking the stable door after the horse has bolted! To say that this report was ‘theologically rooted’ is the greatest insult to the collective intelligence of the C of E to date. This is proof, if ever we needed it, of the alarming theological paucity from the top-down, and the glaring arrogance-cum-naivite which says theology has no place in the ‘business plans’ of the Church. I remember Ken Leech giving a Compline address on the passage from 1 Peter which is usually used in that Office (Be sober, be watchful, for your adversary… Read more »

Michael Chancellor
Michael Chancellor
8 years ago

Stephen Conway is obviously the Fall Guy for the brazenly inadequate ‘Green’ report. Steve Croft, Pete Broadbent and John Spence have fronted theirs. Pete Broadbent has been active in responding to posts on the C of E website. Stephen Green is nowhere to be seen. How much time has had to be carved out of the episcopal diary in Ely to put down a fire blanket and play catch up after the eruption of (legitimate) criticism of this report? I’m sure I’m not far from the mark in guessing that an edict came down from on high, instructing an already… Read more »

8 years ago

Good post by our own (as it were) David Keen. The situation is terrible and there is no point in pretending otherwise.

useful in parts
8 years ago

What I find difficult about the Discerning & Nurturing paper is the following …. – on “consultation” it basically says they will review and refine content of the talent management proposals in light of earlier consultation, suggestions via social media and the hearing at Synod – Yet the 1st mini-MBA for Deans is in March 2015, – Partners have been selected to design and deliver the programmes, – detailed design is underway and arrangements for identifying participants are underway (paras 14, 16 & 19) which perhaps is why – unlike the other papers – there is not a discussion forum… Read more »

Charles Read
Charles Read
8 years ago

James A:
This GS rep will be asking awkward questions and trying to turn this ship around. i don’t expect to be alone. Contact your reps now and tell them what you think while we have enough GS days to debate anything.

Fr William
8 years ago

I am an urban PP in the English midlands with three churches. Nobody has asked my opinion on issues that confront me in an urban, significantly Muslim, community. I feel as if I am increasingly berated by those above me in the food chain for a sitation that is of their, not my, making, and that should I fail to live up to their expectations in dealing with it, they will have no hesitation in getting rid of me. To impose business employent practices on people with telephone number salaries is one thing, but on PPs on 23K + house… Read more »

David Keen
8 years ago

Fr William, I long ago gave up waiting for people to ask my opinion before I gave it, the CofE isn’t pro-active like that. If you think there are things people should know, then let them know. The more voices from the frontline that the policy-makers hear, the better.

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