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Senior Church Leadership: A resource for reflection

Church House press release

The Church of England’s Faith and Order Commission has published a contribution to reflection on leadership in the life of the church. Arising out of a request from the General Synod in 2009, it addresses three major questions:

  • Is it right to make ‘leadership’ a central idea in the life of the church?
  • If so, what are the underlying theological principles that inform the exercise of leadership within the church?
  • How can these principles best inform the exercise of senior leadership in the Church of England today?

Based on work undertaken by the Commission over a five-year period, the report complements the series of documents recently published to support the Archbishops’ programme for reform and renewal of the Church of England.

In his Preface, the Bishop of Coventry notes that that the report is offered as a resource for theological reflection that can “inform the improvisations the church will continue to require in its practice of leadership and anchor them in faithfulness to the gospel…. How do the dynamics of Church life and leadership in the New Testament apply to the Church today? How might we draw faithfully and creatively on the rich traditions of the church over two millennia around authority, responsibility and service? How can we talk constructively about ambition in church life and deal with the realities of disappointment and the experience of failure? These are not just issues for those who exercise senior leadership in the Church of England. We hope this report can contribute to fostering serious thought and prayer about them.”

Professor Loveday Alexander, one of the members of the Faith and Order Commission, comments: “What we are offering, as a gift to the Church and as the result of many years of collective reflection, is a theological contribution to practical thinking about leadership development in the Church. We have tried to set out some of the deep spiritual roots of the Church’s understanding of what it means to exercise leadership within the body of Christ.”

The report is available at:

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Fr Rob Hall
Fr Rob Hall
9 years ago

Good biblical exposition, a knowledgeable and thoughtful reflection on history and good and creative theology. Refreshing. I really hope this document is widely read, digested and used in conversations at all levels about leadership in the Church. “Tradition and innovation are not opposed, because deep immersion in tradition is not an awkward constraint upon improvisation but is its enabling condition”. – wise words for TA whose conversations sometimes seem like a stand-off between those who consider tradition immutable and those who are anxious to shed it primarily because society has moved on. “Faithful improvisation will only emerge from communities and… Read more »

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