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Archbishop of Canterbury's presidential address

Archbishop Justin Welby gave the presidential address to the General Synod this afternoon.

Read the full text of the address here.

In his presidential address to Synod today, Archbishop Justin spoke about evangelism and witness, one of the three priority areas of his ministry.

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Simon R
Simon R
9 years ago

Five days later and still no comment! Not only here; but also on Radio 4’s Sunday programme. In fact, as far as the wider world is concerned, General Synod never happened. But why should the world take notice of an event where most of the energy was directed inwards with an emphasis on the survival of the institution? The Archbishop’s presidential address was symptomatic of this. It came across as stale and lacking in originality; delivered by a man who seemed distracted and at odds with his audience (the misfired joke at the beginning was cringe-inducing). May be he realises… Read more »

Father David
Father David
9 years ago

Even more of a concern is the lack of Comments on the Shared Conversations entries. The attitude towards these seems to be a reflection of Catherine Tate’s school girl character whose oft spoken mantra was “Am I Bovvered?”

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