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Jesus is risen


Mary Magdalene
“That Saturday was such a long day. From sunset after we had buried him, we could do nothing. We went home and locked ourselves in and cried. Oh, how we cried. His poor mother could not be comforted, and the rest of us were no better. We had loved him so much, and known his even greater love in return. He’d inspired us and taught us and given us hope. And then, so suddenly, he was dead. Still, we were determined to do what we could to give him a decent burial, so as soon as it was getting light on that Sunday morning, we were up and dressed. We rushed out with our oils and spices and off to the hillside. But when we got there we were in for a shock. The grave had been opened. We hadn’t expected that and we were very frightened. But we couldn’t have begun to imagine what had really happened. No one was going to believe us, a group of poor women from Galilee. Was it really possible that he was alive?”

Lord Jesus, you were dead but now you are alive:
transform the torments of this world’s sin
that we may see your radiant glory.
You were raised from death to life:
may the power of your resurrection live in us,
that we may be channels of your true life beyond measure.
To you, Jesus, who have broken free from the bonds of death,
be honour and glory with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
now and for ever.

illustration: from a wood-engraving by Eric Gill, 1917

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peterpi - Peter Gross
peterpi - Peter Gross
9 years ago

The artwork accompanying the Holy Week meditations was absolutely stunning! I tip my hat to the artist.

Happy Easter to all those at Thinking Anglicans.

Father Ron Smith
9 years ago

I, too, was mightily impressed with the Eric Gill engravings – very sensitive yet compelling. Also, the accompanying dialogue; modern, yet thought-provoking Thank you, T.A. for this spiritual and artistic Holy Week interlude.

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