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Graham Tomlin to be Suffragan Bishop of Kensington

Press release from Number 10

Suffragan Bishop for Kensington: Graham Tomlin
From: Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing Street
First published: 2 July 2015

The Queen has approved the nomination of the Reverend Graham Tomlin to the Suffragan See of Kensington in the diocese of London.

The Queen has approved the nomination of the Reverend Graham Tomlin MA PhD, Dean of St Mellitus College in the diocese of London, to the Suffragan See of Kensington in the diocese of London in succession to the Right Reverend Paul Williams MA on his translation to the See of Southwell and Nottingham.

Notes for editors

Dr Tomlin was educated at Lincoln College, Oxford and trained for the ministry at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. He served his title at St Leonard with Holy Trinity Exeter, in the diocese of Exeter from 1986 to 1989.

He was ordained priest in 1987 and became Chaplain at Jesus College, Oxford in 1989. He started as a tutor at Wycliffe Hall in 1989 and went on to become Vice-Principal there from 1998 to 2005.

He took up the role of Principal of St Paul’s Theological Centre in the diocese of London in 2005 before going on to serve in his current post as Dean (now Principal) of St Mellitus College in 2007.

Dr Tomlin is married to Janet with two grown up married children. His interests include many forms of music and sport, including football, cricket, golf and rugby, and Middle Eastern politics and history.

London diocesan website Dr Graham Tomlin announced as the new Bishop of Kensington


  • Anthony Archer says:

    Two outstanding appointments on the same day.

  • DBD says:

    A little strange the ad clerum reveals he’s to be done in Canterbury on 23 Sept when there’s a consecration booked in St Paul’s on 29th.

  • Chuchu Nwagu says:

    Probably +Edmonton and +Islington will still happen at St Paul’s on the 29th September. I am sure all will be explained in due course though

  • Pete Broadbent says:

    DBD – it’s a little esoteric. But you might like to consider that we have to consecrate the new Maidstone, and it is kind of unlikely that he’s going to be consecrated alongside one of the new suffragans of the female gender… So there is some juggling going on.

  • Mr L. Matthews says:

    Bishop Pete: Could St Paul’s Cathedral handle three consecrations inside it though? or would that be too adventurous?

    Now that Graham Tomlin has been announced as the new Bishop of Kensington, we can presume that +Islington and +Edmonton are not too far behind?

  • Pete Broadbent says:

    Depends on DBS, Downing Street, and Crown. Hoping for Islington next week and Edmonton week after. Then Archdeacon of Hampstead and that’s the full team.

  • Father David says:

    Most peculiar that the Kensington announcement has been made prior to confirmation that Nicky Gumbel will be Bishop of Islington and A. N. Other will be Bishop of Edmonton. The Area Bishop of Willesden has already told us in an earlier Comment on another thread that it was. all done and dusted (bar the shouting) and that the names of the trinity of the chosen ones were winging their way to HM the Queen; so it seems odd, to say the least that all three announcements weren’t made at one and the same time. Wouldn’t it have made a good photograph to have had + Richard along with his three new embryonic episcopal fledglings rather than just the one hatchling?

  • Will Richards says:

    Thank you to Pete Broadbent for inadvertently leaking the name of the new Bishop of Edmonton. As the Archdeacon of Hampstead, Luke Miller, is in post (and +Pete infers that this post will need to be filled) we must assume that Luke Miller is the candidate for Edmonton?

    I am slightly puzzled, though. In a previous thread, +Pete spoke of the need for new blood. If Graham Tomlin, Nicky Gumbell and Luke Miller are the three new bishops in London, it’s hardly a case of experience ‘from outside’ is it?

  • Pete Broadbent says:

    Are you trying to wind me up? I’ve just said it’s Downing Street and Queen. It’s not in our hands. And it’s not Nicky.

  • Luke Miller’s new appointment as Archdeacon for the Two Cities has already been announced. That’s why
    a. there is a vacancy for Archdeacon of Hampstead, and
    b. Luke Miller is not the new Bishop of Edmonton.

  • Will Richards says:

    I stand corrected. And apologies to +Pete and everyone else for not being up to speed on the latest ecclesiastical appointments. Must do my homework first in future and engage brain before fingers on keyboard.

  • Graham Williams says:

    Nicky Gumbel as Bishop of Islington – That would be disastrous. I think +Islington ought to be Revd Ric Thorpe due to his work on church planting within the Diocese of London but he’d be another HTB but then it very well maybe an Anglo-Catholic.

    Shame about Luke Miller not going to Edmonton but I’m sure he’ll be fantastic in his new role as Archdeacon of London

  • Mr L. Matthews says:

    Whoever replaces Bishop Peter Wheatley will have a tough time on their hands, it is very big shoes to fill but I am sure they’ll manage.

    +Peter is an individual that will never be forgotten and will be greatly missed in the Diocese but the new appointments seem very promising for the Diocese too

  • Chuchu Nwagu says:

    I welcome the appointment of Revd Dr Graham Tomlin as Bishop of Kensington, of what I know of him I think he’ll be a good addition to the Senior Leadership team of the Diocese. Graham and his family are assured of my prayers as they prepare for this new chapter

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